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Friday, January 8, 2016

XCAR Experimental Racing

John B. Marine | 9:21 PM |
It was 1997 when Bethesda Softworks and Media Technology Limited came along with the PC racing game XCAR Experimental Racing. It was a game where you could literally create and race your own car across a number of included tracks. My only experience with this game is by playing the demo to it many moons ago. This is not a review or anything. This blog post is basically a look at XCAR Experimental Racing for all of you racing game fans. Time to begin a new post... welcome to "John's Race Space!"

NOTE: Do not expect this to be a review. I simply am bringing this game to the forefront primarily to discuss it.

XCAR Experimental Racing

Step into the realm of XCAR Experimental Racing. This blog post will fill you in on this old PC game.

XCAR Experimental Racing
^ from: - XCAR Experimental Racing features conceptual racing cars in unique circuit racing action.

XCAR Experimental Racing has you racing these fictional and experimental racing machines around a number of tracks. While the game seems futuristic in these respects, the courses you race on are realistic. You are not driving on unrealistic tracks with loops or stunts. You are instead doing circuit racing on realistic permanent and temporary courses with these conceptual cars. Even with the experimental aspect, you are not even working with any sort of foreign or alien technology. This is really one of the more unique simulation-type racing games.

I first learned of XCAR Experimental Racing when I had a demo disc from an edition of [U]PC Gamer[/U] magazine. The demo contained two courses- Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and a fictional figure eight course called Infinity Loop. It also included a unique PC Gamer car to race. So when I got to play this game finally, I got to see just how the game plays.


There are 16 cars to choose from in XCAR Experimental Racing. Each of which, can be customized vastly for you to race. The cars are named for the primary sponsor on each car, and these are real companies and sponsors such as Monroe, DuPont, Armor-All, and more. You can take the existing liveries or come up with your own with the in-game Paint Shop. Each car can have various internal settings changed for a most unique setting. You almost are basically able to build your own racing machine through a variety of different specifications. These experimental cars are part of a fine simulation.

• Engine - choose a type of engine. Each engine affects size, fuel consumption, stroke, and weight.
• Gears - adjust the gear ratio of the car, including the final gear.
• Brakes - choose brake configuration and adjust the brake bias. Each configuration impacts braking power and durability.
• Suspension - adjust the rate of the suspensions and the dampers, also adjust the rollbars.
• Fuel - choose the kind of fuel for your car and how much fuel is in the car.
• Steering - adjust the steering ratio, the lock, and the scale of the steering.
• Aerodynamics - adjust the front wing and rear wing aerodynamics as well as the underbody aerodynamics.
• Tires - choose a kind of tire for each part of the car and adjust the stagger. Also adjust the pressure, camber, and toe of each tire.

You will be able to test out your adjustments by going around some test tracks, so you can test out the configuration of your cars.


The lineup of this game's 11 courses take you across a variety of courses ranging from ovals to various road courses and temporary street courses. The selection of courses is not exactly any kind of world tour. In fact, the majority of courses (even fictional ones) are primarily within North America.

Final Thoughts.

Most games will probably offer some incredibly unrealistic experience in regards to experimental racing machines. Maybe even offer something purely unrealistic in terms of the environment and such. "XCAR Experimental Racing" is completely different. This is a simulation-type racing game that does not feel like an arcade game in the least sense. Even if you pick up a demo of this game, get to enjoy the feel of this game. While it is devoid of any serious character, it is still very much worth a try should you be able to get this game.

Video Preview.

Get yourself a look at this game here with this video:

^ "DOS Game: XCar - Experimental Racing"

There you have it.

This has been another blog post on "John's Race Space," the blog founded as "John's Gran Turismo Space" that is now a general racing game blog. I hope you liked this post and want more. Be sure to stay with JRS to check out the latest posts when they become available. Until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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