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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Horizon Chase

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@horizon_chase is a throwback racing game. If you played the first Top Gear/Racer games or the Lotus games, this game has a very familiar feel to those games. Imagine a modern early '90s racer with mostly modern cars. I have provided you mental pictures of this game. Now, it is time I give you a REAL look at this game. So get ready for a new post on "John's Race Space!"

This review of "Horizon Chase" is based on my experience playing on my Google Nexus Player. It is also available for iOS, and PlayStation 4.

Horizon Chase

Meet Horizon Chase...

Horizon Chase
^ from: (YouTube) - Horizon Chase offers a throwback to 16-bit racing but with a 3D twist.

In a game that can be described as a love letter to the '80s and/or early '90s, Horizon Chase is a racing game made for the 21st Century and designed for mobile OSes. It was released in 2015 by Aquirus Game Studio, a Brazilian game studio. It features music by Barry Leitch, who I think is one of the all-time greats in game music composition. You may recall Barry Leitch from the likes of Top Gear Rally among many other games. To understand the flow of Horizon Chase, you need to have played or seen the first three Top Gear/Racer games or the Lotus Turbo Challenge games.

It comes in at a whopping 206 MB download. To play the full game, you must purchase Horizon Chase. At least from Google Play, it costs $2.99 USD. Even though you can play this game with a gamepad, it is not required. The game is available for Android TV along with regular smartphone and tablet Android. So you can play this game with the remote or with a gamepad if you have an Android TV version device. I use the gamepad that is available for the Google Nexus Player.

Horizon Chase at a Glance

These are some things to make note of before playing "Horizon Chase."


The game comes with 73 tracks, 32 cities, and 16 cars. Connect your Horizon Chase profile play with your Facebook account to challenge your friends to races. Each race has a number of items for you to pick up. Collect the Track Tokens scattered about the course. Your car will use up a lot of fuel. So make sure to find the fuel cans to make sure you don't run out of fuel. If you run out of fuel, find some fuel cans quickly or face getting a DNF. You must finish 5th or better to advance. To get the best scores, you must win the race and collect all of the Race Tokens. Have extra fuel to add to your Max Score should you win.


Each Cup features three locations and a Bonus Race location. You need to acquire enough Track Tokens to unlock the Bonus Race to each Cup. There are a total of nine Cups. You begin your Horizon Chase journey in California, and three races in San Francisco are open to you. Success in these races will allow you to access the other two locations along with the possibility of you racing the Bonus Race. The Bonus Race will allow you to earn Fleet Upgrades along with new cars. You must place 3rd or better in the Bonus Race to win the upgrades, and you must win the race to win a new car.

Here is a look at the Cup races for you to compete in:
• California
• Chile
• Brazil
• South Africa
• Greece
• Iceland
• United Arab Emirates
• India
• Australia

When you earn enough Track Tokens, you can unlock extra Cups. Perform your best to reach the additional Cups later.


No officially-licensed cars are in Horizon Chase. However, you can make out what each car is if you know your sports cars. The first car looks like a Ferrari F50. You can earn new cars by either winning the Bonus Races or by finishing 1st in every race of a Cup. You can upgrade cars across all models in your possession by placing 3rd or better in the Bonus Races.

Cars are rated on the following criteria:
• Top Speed - the highest speed a car can go.
• Acceleration - how quickly the car gets up to speed.
• Handling - the ability to properly navigate corners.
• Nitro - the car's boost power from applying Nitro.
• Fuel - the car's ability to conserve fuel.

You will find some cars will be better in some categories than others. Be sure to make the most of each car's capabilities while properly racing each course to the best of your ability. Cars will be sorted a certain way as you earn more cars.

Now that you have an idea of the action in Horizon Chase, allow me to offer some thoughts on my experience.

Horizon Chase: Final Thoughts

Beautiful graphics, great music, and classic gameplay is what makes Horizon Chase so well acclaimed. This game would be an easy game to enjoy for any classic gaming fan. This is old school gaming done beautifully in a modern package. It almost seems like you did time travel to go back to the early-mid 1990s and playing either the Top Gear/Racer games or one of those Lotus games. Only this game can be enjoyed on your fancy HD-style TV or your smartphone or tablet. Frustration is mostly minimal. This game is just done in a way that merges '90s and 21st Century with little or no compromise. This is just old style arcade-style racing that can be enjoyed by almost all racing game fans. So go pick this one up for Android, Apple, or your PlayStation 4.

Video Preview.

So my blog words didn't get you excited? Maybe this video will solve that:

^ Horizon Chase - Android - Google Play Trailer

For More Information...

Learn more about this game and get social with Horizon Chase by visiting

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