Races of Gran Turismo 5: Amateur Series

(UPDATED: October 7, 2014)

The Amateur Series is the next step in your progression through Gran Turismo 5. The races will be a bit longer and a bit tougher. You will be asked to demonstrate many more racing abilities than what you have shown doing the Beginner Series. Among other things, you will be racing in faster cars than you were doing the Beginner Series races. Remember that a license is not needed to compete in any race in GT5. So you can go out and find cars and compete in the appropriate races to boost your level.

This blog post pertains only to the GT5 Amateur-level races. REMEMBER: You must be at Level 5 or higher to compete in this series.


I will be working on creating as many of these race posts for Gran Turismo 5. Because this will all take some time to get everything completely right, I will be releasing posts like these one at a time based on my own Gran Turismo 5 progress. I will make any needed corrections if need be. Any loyal readers can freely contact me and provide extra information that I may have missed. To contact me, Contact Me via E-Mail. Alternatively, you can post a comment to the Wall of my Facebook fan page if you are on Facebook.

Basic Advice.

Each race has information on what tracks are raced and how many laps are run for both A-Spec and B-Spec. You must be at a certain level in A-Spec or B-Spec to compete in each event. Those level requirements are listed in parentheses () prior to the description of each series/championship. Each series is listed in a heading with a period at the end, and each championship is listed with an exclamation mark. Any listed requirements (if any) are noted at the end of each introduction. If you only see B-Spec requirements, then that means the race has no limitations for A-Spec.

Races of Gran Turismo 5 Series:

This lineup of posts will have more posts added in the future. Check back in this post (and others) for the latest updates and to link to other posts in this series.

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OCT 7 2014 - added links to other posts in this series; updated overall look of posts and made several edits

--- Races of Gran Turismo 5: Amateur Series ---

Gran Turismo 5 Amateur Series
The races will be longer and faster, but victory is not impossible. So give it your best!

Try to win every race and championship to receive the maximum money as well as the most experience points for each victory. If you win all the races in a championship or in a series, bonus cars will be rewarded to you. Bonus cars are offered for victory both in A-Spec and in B-Spec. Both offer different prize cars. Here is a look at the series and championships in the Amateur Series.

REMEMBER: You must be at Level 5 or higher to compete in this series.

Clubman Cup (Level 5)!

"This is the perfect championship for beginners."
For the first time since Gran Turismo 1, the Clubman Cup is a championship series. The Clubman Cup to higher-level Gran Turismo racing is like the Sunday Cup to beginner-level Gran Turismo racing. Declare your arrival to the Gran Turismo world stage by clearing this championship.

Tires of Sports Medium or less are required for B-Spec racing.

• RACES: Tsukuba Circuit (5 laps A-Spec; 10 laps B-Spec), Tokyo R246 (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec), Cape Ring Periphery (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

European Hot Hatch Championship (Level 5).

"A pitched battle between European hot hatchbacks."
Bring out your European hatchbacks for this one. European hatchbacks, such as the Golf, Lupo, and others are on display for this championship. Utilize your ability to race these hatchbacks to victory in this two-race series. If I may, I recommend the Renault Clio V6 hatchback. This car is the mid-engine/RWD Clio that is such a blast to drive. To me, this is the original hot hatch. You may need something more powerful for the B-Spec race around the first track. Totally NOT recommended, but I won easily in B-Spec at Eiger Nordwand Short Track with the Lancia Delta S4 rally car. Again- totally NOT recommended!

Only European cars are allowed to compete. Sports Hard tires or less are required for B-Spec racing.

• Eiger Nordwand Short Track (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Rome Circuit (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

NR-A Roadster Cup (Level 6).

"A one-make race for the Mazda Roadster."
The Mazda Miata/MX-5/Roadster is severely underrated. It is always seen as a girly car to most people. This championship gets you into the mood to go "Zoom-Zoom" with Mazda's baby sports car. It is a one-race deal where Mazda's entry-level sports car is the centerpiece.

Only Mazda MX-5/Miata/Roadster models are allowed to compete. Sports Hard tires or less are required for B-Spec racing.

• Tsukuba Circuit (5 laps A-Spec; 10 laps B-Spec)

Pick-Up Truck Challenge (Level 6).

(A-Spec) "A competition for powerful pick-up trucks, iconic symbols of American motorsports."

(B-Spec) "This championship is perfect for beginners."
The performance truck race series returns for another tour of duty after making its debut in Gran Turismo 4. Despite their heavy curb weight, these are performance trucks that can be just as fun to drive as any performance car. You will need to shop around in the Used Car dealer because no pickup trucks are Premium models in GT5. Funny enough, the quote in the B-Spec series says "This championship series is perfect for beginners." If you can get one, I recommend the Toyota Tacoma X-Runner. Mod the heck out of it to stand the best chance of winning. I say the Tacoma because for a lot of times I've run races with this series, the Tacoma is usually atop the standings commonly. Do NOT use the Daihatsu Midget D-Type unless you WANT to fail.

Only pickup trucks (the Ford SVT Lightning, Toyota Tacoma X-Runner, Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Laramie, Chevrolet Silverado Concept, Chevroler SSR, and Daihatsu Midget D-Type) are allowed to compete. Sports Hard or less tires are required for B-Spec racing.

• Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Daytona International Speedway-Oval (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

NOTE: The Daihatsu Midget D-Type is also among the eligible vehicles for this championship. Then again, you would stand absolutely no chance winning this championship using the Midget D-Type, so get a real pickup truck instead for this championship. If you actually won a race (A-Spec or B-Spec) in this series with the Daihatsu Midget D-Type, PLEASE tell me about it or show me a video!

Japanese '90s Challenge (Level 7).

"A celebration of some of Japan's most renowned racing cars."
If this was GT1, GT2, or GT3; you'd be racing some of the most current Japanese sports cars. The Japanese '90s Challenge is back from its debut in GT4 and is set to challenge you in the GT5 realm. The '90s have produced some more-than-capable sports cars for Japan. You will be asked to bring your '90s Japanese contribution to Japan's 1990s sports cars to compete in two races.

All Japanese cars made between 1990 and 1999 are allowed to compete in these events. Sports Hard or less tires are required for B-Spec racing.

• Tsukuba Circuit (5 laps A-Spec; 10 laps B-Spec)
• Cape Ring-North (5 laps A-Spec; 7 laps B-Spec)

Tous France Championnat (Level 7).

"A fiery fight between hot hatches to see which one is the king of French racers."
If you love French automobiles, then this is your championship. Find a French car to help you to become the fastest of the French automobiles. You will be racing at Le Mans and on the streets of Madrid. French cars exude many unique styling characteristics. Do you have the fastest French car in Gran Turismo 5? Prove that you do in this championship!

Only French cars can compete, even though the notion is on French hatchbacks. Sports Hard tires or less are required for B-Spec racing.

• Circuit de la Sarthe (l lap A-Spec; 2 laps B-Spec)
• Circuito de Madrid (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

Festival Italia (Level 8).

"Unique Italian cars compete for prowess."
It's full speed ahead as Italian cars take center stage for the Festival Italia. Enter the world of Italian cars by bringing your own Italian muscle to this championship. Take to the streets of Rome and London in this contest of speed involving Italian cars. Forza Italia!

This championship is restricted to only Italian cars. Sports Hard or less tires are required for B-Spec.

• Rome Circuit (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• London (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

Classic Muscle Car Championship (Level 8).

"Put the pedal to the metal and make your mark on the tarmac!"
Are you ready to wrestle with power? Get ready for a contest of speed where American cars rule. While the venue isn't American, the cars you are racing against and will use are American. Take advantage of these American muscle cars to make some sweet moves on the race track as each American car sings beautifully with their engines. Do you have the fastest muscle car ever made? Bring your American muscle car and get cracking. It's go time, gosh darn!

Only American cars produced in 1980 or earlier are allowed to compete. Sports Medium tires or less required for B-Spec racing.

• Autodromo Nazionale Monza (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

Supercar Nostalgia Cup (Level 9).

"A competition for the supercars that made an era."
If you fancy a vintage supercar, you'll race against plenty of them here. Who cares about those fancy pants modern supercars (like the Bugatti Veyron)? This championship is all about classic supercars that were some of the most lusted-after and sought-after cars of their day. They were the top performers of their day even before all sorts of technological improvements and advances came along to further improve the modern automobile. If you need a car to compete in this series, look to cars like the Lamborghini Countach LP400.

All vehicles produced in 1979 or earlier are allowed to compete in this series. Sports Hard tires or less required in B-Spec.

• Rome Circuit (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Suzuka Circuit (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

This concludes the Amateur Series. This championship is a fair degree tougher than what you've experienced in the Beginner Series. Guess what? The Professional Series awaits you next! If you are nowhere near "prime time" material, you'd better step your game up before challenging for the Professional races. Make sure to challenge tougher series if you've acquired enough experience to reach tougher championships.

More to come for this series of blog posts regarding GT5's races! Until next time, thank you for reading!

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