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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Races of Gran Turismo 5: Beginner Series

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(UPDATED: October 7, 2014)

Welcome to Gran Turismo 5! You can not reach superstar levels if you can not advance your way through the Beginner Series. This is a series of nine races and championships to help you in you towards becoming superstar material in GT5. None of the races are overbearingly hard. You do, however, need to show mastery of skill in properly racing a car around a track. In case you may have not realized, a license is not needed to compete in any race in GT5. So you can go out and find cars and compete in the appropriate races to boost your level.

This blog post pertains only to the GT5 Beginner-level races.


I will be working on creating as many of these race posts for Gran Turismo 5. Because this will all take some time to get everything completely right, I will be releasing posts like these one at a time based on my own Gran Turismo 5 progress. I will make any needed corrections if need be. Any loyal readers can freely contact me and provide extra information that I may have missed. To contact me, visit my Blogger/Blogspot profile and send me an Email. Alternatively, you can post a comment to the Wall of my Facebook fan page if you are on Facebook.

Basic Advice.

Each race has information on what tracks are raced and how many laps are run for both A-Spec and B-Spec. You must be at a certain level in A-Spec or B-Spec to compete in each event. Those level requirements are listed in parentheses () prior to the description of each series/championship. Each series is listed in a heading with a period at the end, and each championship is listed with an exclamation mark. Any listed requirements (if any) are noted at the end of each introduction. If you only see B-Spec requirements, then that means the race has no limitations for A-Spec.

Races of Gran Turismo 5 Series:

This lineup of posts will have more posts added in the future. Check back in this post (and others) for the latest updates and to link to other posts in this series.

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OCT 7 2014 - added links to other posts in this series; updated overall look of posts and made several edits

--- Races of Gran Turismo 5: Beginner Series ---

Gran Turismo 5 Beginner Series
Demonstrate your abilities to race tracks properly while also overtaking opposing racers in the Beginner Series.

Try to win every race and championship to receive the maximum money as well as the most experience points for each victory. If you win all the races in a championship or in a series, bonus cars will be rewarded to you. Bonus cars are offered for victory both in A-Spec and in B-Spec. Both offer different prize cars. Here is a look at the series and championships in the Beginner Series.

Sunday Cup (Level 0).

"Anyone is free to enter this long-established all-corners event."
Prove your worth in a casual set of races designed to introduce you to GT5 as well as help you build experience towards competing in tougher and longer races. None of the tracks are extremely difficult. None of the cars are extremely fast. Just get out there and race as hard as you can.

Sports Hard tires or less required for B-Spec.

• Autumn Ring Mini (3 laps A-Spec; 6 Laps B-Spec)
• Grand Valley East (2 laps A-Spec; 4 Laps B-Spec)
• Tsukuba Circuit (2 laps A-Spec; 4 laps B-Spec)

NOTE: When you run the Autumn Ring Mini event in B-Spec, you will get a tutorial on how to race in B-Spec.

FF Challenge (Level 0).

"Aim for first place in this 3-race challenge for FF cars."
Front-wheel drive cars require a level of control as they do double duty- drive the car and turn. Many who detest FWD cars often call them "wrong-wheel drive" cars. Regardless of how you feel about them, it doesn't take away from the fact these cars can still be fairly competitive to drive. It also doesn't take away that you still have to race these like you really mean business. So try your best at piloting these front-wheel drive machines to victory. Can you do it?

All front-wheel drive (FWD) cars are allowed to compete, including race cars. Sports Hard tires or less required for B-Spec.

• Suzuka Circuit - East (3 Laps A-Spec; 6 Laps B-Spec)
• Clubman Stage Route 5 (Normal, 3 laps A-Spec; 6 Laps B-Spec)
• Deep Forest Raceway (Normal, 2 laps A-Spec; 4 laps B-Spec)

World Compact Car Race (Level 1)!

"A 3-race championship for small, speedy hot hatchbacks."
Welcome to your first championship in GT5! For this championship, you are asked to bring your compact cars to battle in a three-race championship. Small cars can be just as cool as their larger (and MUCH larger) siblings. This race proves just that. You need to utilize your racing skill to properly race compact cars to victory.

Sports Hard or less tires are required for B-Spec racing.

• ROUNDS: London (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec), Circuito de Madrid Mini (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec), Cape Ring-Inside (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

Lightweight K Cup (Level 1).

"An event featureing the small but nimble microcars popular in Japan."
The tiny terrors of Japan are Kei cars. Their tuning and racing potential are both limitless as you push these little cars to the limit. Bring a car of 3600 mm or less to this series. Because Kei cars are obviously not meant to be speed demons or hot rods, you won't need to stress yourself trying to make them run as fast as any car north of 250 horsepower.

All Kei cars (such as the Suzuki Cappuccino, any Daihatsu, etc.) are allowed to compete. Comfort Soft or less required for B-Spec.

• Autumn Ring Mini [Reverse] (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Suzuka Circuit - East (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

Japanese Classics (Level 2).

"A heated contest between stylish and unique Japanese cars of the past."
Take a trip back in time to where Japanese cars of the past contested for speed. You are invited to bring an old Japanese car to compete in this championship. Some of Japan's classic muscle is raced in this three-race series. If your Japanese car was made before 1980, it's fair game to bring to this championship. A good car to recommend is the 1970s Mitsubishi Lancer. If you have a bit more money (and luck), get yourself a Toyota 2000GT or a Datsun 240Z.

Only Japanese cars produced in 1979 or earlier are allowed to compete. Comfort Soft tires or less required for B-Spec.

• Suzuka Circuit - East (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Tsukuba Circuit (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Grand Valley East (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

Yaris Race (Level 2).

"A one-make race for the easy-to drive, hard to master Toyota Yaris."
The Toyota Yaris is a peppy front-engine/FWD car that is the centerpiece of this championship. Believe it or not, this is one of the oldest One-Make championships in Gran Turismo history. Racing with the Echo/Vitz/Yaris in GT has been around since Gran Turismo 2. So you can say that an old favorite is back for its fourth installment. That installment takes place on Fuji Speedway, a track known for high-speed racing especially down the very long front straight. A frenzied battle is in store for you here. Harness your Yaris' power to win this race.

Limited only to Toyota Vitz/Yaris/Echo models. Sports Hard tires or less required for B-Spec.

• Fuji Speedway F (3 Laps A-Spec; 4 laps B-Spec)

European Classic Car Championship (Level 3).

"A full-blown showdown for famous cars of decades past."
Europe was where the modern automobile was born, so why not a proper series devoted to the birth of the modern automobile? Get ready for a championship that takes you back in time featuring some of the finest European automobiles in Europe's history. You will race on two city street courses. Get your fill of vintage racing here!

All European cars made between 1960 and 1979 are allowed to compete. Sports Hard tires or less for B-Spec.

• Circuito de Madrid Mini (3 Laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Cote d'Azur (2 Laps A-Spec; 4 laps B-Spec)

World Classic Car Series (Level 3).

"A classy competition for the champions of the old guard."
Vintage cars offer nostalgia and insight on motor racing past. Find a car from way back when to compete in this three-race series. The important thing to remember is that older cars are tougher to handle. Therefore, careful driving is required so that you don't overstep the boundaries of these cars. If you have a European car from 1960-1969 that you used in the European Classic Car Championship, you may use that car to compete in this championship just to save money on buying some other classic car.

All cars made in 1969 or earlier are allowed to compete. Sports Hard tires or less for B-Spec.

• Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 [No Chicane] (1 lap A-Spec; 2 laps B-Spec)
• Eiger Nordwand Short Track (3 laps A-spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Autumn Ring (2 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

FR Challenge (Level 4).

"A fierce competition between FR cars, the stalwarts of pure sports car scene."
If you are ready to challenge front-engine rear-wheel drive cars, three races are available for you to wrestle with FR cars. Front/RWD cars offer great balance while driving or racing. The rear tires drive the car and offer you that push to get up to speed. The weight distribution is evenly balanced from front to rear, making them more than suitable for racing. As with any rear-wheel drive car, the biggest drawback to these cars is their ability to spin out. Make sure to regain control of the car if you induce a spin. Prove your ability to properly race FR cars with these three races.

All front-engined cars with rear-wheel drive cars can race in this series. Sports Medium or less required for B-Spec.

• Grand Valley East (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Tsukuba Circuit (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Trial Mountain (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

This concludes the Beginner Series. Hopefully, you've done well enough to secure gold and championships. Make sure to challenge tougher series if you've acquired enough experience to reach tougher championships.

More to come for this series of blog posts regarding GT5's races! Until next time, thank you for reading!

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