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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Races of Gran Turismo 5: Professional Series

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(UPDATED: October 7, 2014)

Time to prove yourself in a tougher challenge than what the Beginner and Amateur levels provided- it's the Professional Series! In this series of races, you will need to improve your racing skill little-by-little to achieve greatness. The Gran Turismo World Championship is also part of the Professional Series. Are you World Championship material? The training wheels are off. Time to be a champion. No license is needed to compete in any race in GT5. So you can go out and find cars and compete in the appropriate races to boost your level.

This blog post pertains only to the GT5 Professional-level races. REMEMBER: You must be at Level 10 or higher to compete in this series.


I will be working on creating as many of these race posts for Gran Turismo 5. Because this will all take some time to get everything completely right, I will be releasing posts like these one at a time based on my own Gran Turismo 5 progress. I will make any needed corrections if need be. Any loyal readers can freely contact me and provide extra information that I may have missed. To contact me, visit my Blogger/Blogspot profile and send me an Email. Alternatively, you can post a comment to the Wall of my Facebook fan page if you are on Facebook.

Basic Advice.

Each race has information on what tracks are raced and how many laps are run for both A-Spec and B-Spec. You must be at a certain level in A-Spec or B-Spec to compete in each event. Those level requirements are listed in parentheses () prior to the description of each series/championship. Each series is listed in a heading with a period at the end, and each championship is listed with an exclamation mark. Any listed requirements (if any) are noted at the end of each introduction. If you only see B-Spec requirements, then that means the race has no limitations for A-Spec.

Races of Gran Turismo 5 Series:

This lineup of posts will have more posts added in the future. Check back in this post (and others) for the latest updates and to link to other posts in this series.

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OCT 7 2014 - added links to other posts in this series; updated overall look of posts and made several edits

--- Races of Gran Turismo 5: Professional Series ---

Gran Turismo 5 Professional Series
Let those other 11 cars know who the REAL World Champion is! Go hard or go home with the Professional Series.

Try to win every race and championship to receive the maximum money as well as the most experience points for each victory. If you win all the races in a championship or in a series, bonus cars will be rewarded to you. Bonus cars are offered for victory both in A-Spec and in B-Spec. Both offer different prize cars. Here is a look at the series and championships in the Professional Series.

REMEMBER: You must be at Level 10 or higher to compete in this series.

Mini Challenge (Level 10).

"A contest to see who can push their Mini to the max."
When BMW took over in bringing back the Mini Cooper, the original small car returned gloriously with a 21st Century makeover. You must harness this car's great abilities to win. This is a One-Make race limited only to the Mini Cooper. You must prove your talent by racing this car around the streets of Madrid while making sure to finish ahead of all the other Mini Coopers.

All versions of the Mini Cooper can compete. Sports Hard or less tires are required for B-Spec racing.

• Circuito de Madrid (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

Muscle Car Championship (Level 11).

"Harness that incredible power to become #1 in the world of muscle-car racing."
The Muscle Car Championship invites all American cars to compete in a great throwdown of American racing. In a two-race coast-to-coast contest of speed, bring out your American rocket to go for the win. Do your best to claim victory in this all-American championship. Have you the finest American steed to win?

Only American cars can compete in this championship. Sports Soft or less are required for B-Spec racing.

• Daytona International Speedway-Road (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (5 laps A-Spec; 9 laps B-Spec)

Supercar Festival (Level 11).

"A dream race which high-powered monsters go head-to-head."
Supercars exemplify exclusivity, immense power, and jaw-dropping performance. These qualities are for you to experience in this series. Perhaps my primary suggestion- stay away from high-powered 4WD cars. Unless you are a good tuner, you are better off with a competent mid/RWD car. Three races will test your ability to race these dream cars properly against other supercars. Show you have the fastest and most capable supercar by taking on these races against other supercars.

Sports Soft tires or less are required for B-Spec racing.

• High Speed Ring [Reverse] (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Daytona International Speedway-Oval (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Nürburgring GP/F (3 laps A-Spec; 5 laps B-Spec)

Lupo Cup (Level 12).

"Use skillful technique to get ahead in this special race for the VW Lupo."
The Volkswagen Lupo is the car of choice for this one-race championship. That one race takes place at a track you may recall if you have done the VW Lupo race in Gran Turismo 4- Nürburgring Nordschleife. Good news is that this car is just right for this track. Prepare to log an easy 12 miles of racing here!

Only Volkswagen Lupo models are allowed to compete, including their Racing variants. Sports Hard or less tires are required for B-Spec racing.

• Nürburgring Nordschleife (1 lap A-Spec; 2 laps B-Spec)

Japanese '80s Festival (Level 12).

"Enjoy an event in some classic cars from the golden age of Japanese motorsports."
The 1980s are revived for this championship involving Japanese cars. Find a Japanese car from the 1980s and enjoy some '80s racing in this championship. The two race tracks that will be used are classic Gran Turismo venues- Autumn Ring and Deep Forest. Harness the power of these '80s Japanese cars to propel yourself to victory.

Only Japanese cars produced between 1980 and 1989 (including race cars) are allowed to compete. Comfort Soft or less tires are required for B-Spec racing.

• Autumn Ring (5 laps A-Spec; 10 laps B-Spec)
• Deep Forest Raceway [Reverse] (5 laps A-Spec; 10 laps B-Spec)

Lamborghini Exclusive (Level 13).

"A fight to decide the fiercest of all the charging bulls."
One of the most sought-after marques in automobiles, Lamborghini, made its proper debut in Gran Turismo PSP. GT5 marks the first major GT to feature Lamborghini. The raging bull of Lamborghini has been a tour de force since Automobili Lamborghini's founding in 1963. In this one-race event, you are racing with and against Lamborghinis. You will be racing on the streets of Rome against other Lamborghini models in this event. Do Ferruccio Lamborghini proud by winning this race with your Lamborghini land rocket.

As a recommendation, you might want to use and tune the Lamborghini Gallardo for this championship because you will need to have a Gallardo for a future race. It's a recommendation if you want to save up some money in the game. Otherwise, this is a championship for and limited to Lamborghinis.

Only Lamborghinis (all models) can compete. Sports Soft tires or less are required for B-Spec racing.

• Rome Circuit (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

British Lightweights (Level 13).

"Lightness is your greatest weapon in this battle of the sports car pioneers."
Lightweight cars boast a number of great advantages. Among other advantages, they are very agile and capable. There are British cars that surely take advantage of light weight. One of the most prominent marques of lightweight cars is Lotus. So you may want to look to Lotus for guidance for a car to use in this championship. Prove that lightweight British sports cars are among some of the finest sports cars in the world by trying your luck here. Enjoy racing in England for this two-race series.

Only British cars that weigh 1200 kilograms or less are allowed to compete.

• London (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)
• Top Gear Test Track (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

La Festa Cavallino (Level 14).

"The fastest of the prancing stallions will be decided in this race."
Ferraris are on parade as this one-make race brings the prancing stallion to the forefront. You will race Monza, home to the Formula One Italian Grand Prix. This high-speed autodrome is known to test engine reliability with the long straights. Don't worry about engine failure in Gran Turismo 5- just show your Ferrari is better than the 11 other Ferraris that share the track with you.

All Ferraris (excluding the two Formula One cars) are allowed to compete. Sports Soft tires (or less) are required for B-Spec racing.

• Autodromo Nazionale Monza (3 laps A-Spec; 6 laps B-Spec)

Gran Turismo World Championship (Level 14)!

"A white-hot 5-race gathering of racing cars from around the world."
The Gran Turismo World Championship caps off the Professional Series. Only five races are featured, but they are all difficult to win. This is where some of the better racing machines come out to play for glory. Secure the Gran Turismo World Championship and show that you have arrived as a champion! This is the first championship in B-Spec that allows for Racing Tires. So if you are sick of using non-racing tires, now is the time to enjoy racing on Racing Tires.

Racing Hard tires (or less) are required for B-Spec racing.

• RACES: Circuit de la Sarthe- (2 laps A-Spec; 4 laps B-Spec), Nürburgring Nordschleife (2 laps A-Spec; 2 laps B-Spec), Madrid (5 laps A-Spec; 10 laps B-Spec), Cape Ring (5 laps A-Spec; 5 laps B-Spec), and Grand Valley (5 laps A-Spec; 8 laps B-Spec)

Congratulations! The Professional Series has now concluded. You have proven and justified your arrival. You can't just stop playing the game since you won all the races in the Professional Series. If you do, you are just neglecting that there is still a lot more racing to do, including much tougher races! Don't back down now... more racing is ahead! Get your head in the game and make ready for the Expert Series! Make sure to challenge tougher series if you've acquired enough experience to reach tougher championships.

More to come for this series of blog posts regarding GT5's races! Until next time, thank you for reading!

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