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Turbo Sliders by Jollygood Games has been around since 2004, but I learned of it just recently. It is one of the most intense and most unique top-down racing games today. I hope to give you insight on this title in case you are unfamiliar with Turbo Sliders. You might agree with me and want to download for yourself. Or, you may disagree and have your say. Either way, I got a job to do and hope I do it well. This post is all about the more than 10-year old game known as Turbo Sliders. Welcome to "John's Race Space!"

--- Turbo Sliders ---

This picture was the best I could find and [possibly] use:

Turbo Sliders
^ from: dome.fi - Turbo Sliders features thrilling racing action. You can do a lot more than just race

Turbo Sliders is a top-down racing game where you take on a number of unique race tracks. You can choose between a few different cars with differing levels of performance. Most of the cars- true to this game's namesake- are meant to be slid into corners. So if you enjoy drifting, this may be a game for you to check out and enjoy. Some courses include things like jumps and overpasses. As many as 20 cars can compete in this racing free-for-all. The racing action can take place locally or through network play.

Believe it or not, you can do more than just race in this game! This game even includes a Battle Mode, a 3-on-3 soccer game, and even a Demolition Derby style mode where you knock cars out of a specified arena until the last car is standing (kind of like sumo wrestling or the WWE's Royal Rumble). You can even import your own tracks as well as your own cars. Those custom cars could even be programmed to different specifications of performance. It is possible to make your own race track using programs like Photoshop to set up the main parameters of the track as well as the route. There are a number of ways you can enjoy this classic game even today. The replay value can be immense.

One thing I will note is that I would recommend you zoom in to the highest level if you're using a monitor with very high resolution. It can be a bit tough trying to see your car if the game isn't zoomed in.

Turbo Sliders: Review.

This game is over ten years old, yet there are still a good number of folks who play it and enjoy it. The action is pretty frenzied no matter what kind of racing you do here. This game deserves loads of credit on variety alone. It can be pretty tough often times, seeming like you can easily throw away a race by knocking your car into barriers or not getting enough speed out of corners. Turbo Sliders is a fun game without testing your patience to any incredulous degree. The fact you can import your own courses and your own cars can extend the replay value to even greater levels. So there is a lot to do in this game that won't leave you disappointed in the least sense.

Turbo Sliders: Video Preview.

I tried to find an original video for you all. In other words... a video not hampered by some song. This was the best I could find for you all. Please note this video includes a custom track and custom cars. I could have done better, but this was the best I could find for you all:

^ "TurboS

It was this or nothing. Anyhow, if you enjoyed this review and this video, you can learn more about Turbo Sliders by going to www.turbosliders.com.

Turbo Sliders was reviewed by me, and I hope you enjoyed my look at this game. Agree or disagree at will. Until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Has years I was looking for this game. Thank's



Wow, didn't realize that you would post something about Turbo Sliders too. :)

I am also one of the players of the game but I spend more time creating tracks and cars than playing online, that's because I'd get a heavy lag if I were to play online. Anyway, I create custom tracks too, especially Tsukuba Circuit. You can find it on my blog at http://hinurendysblog.blogspot.com/. I also have a site, but I describe more of my contents on my blog so feel free to have a read.

Would love to play with you someday :)




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