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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - International A

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The International A license validates you as world-class talent. You've worked hard enough to get to go for this license. It's about time you cash in and become greater than you've ever been in Gran Turismo 6. Or do you want your GT6 racing legacy to fall short? This post on "John's Race Space" is a look at the IA-License tests. Remember- I can't help you get Gold, but I can give you an idea of what kind of trouble you are about to get into. Buckle up. It's time to go for a ride.

--- Gran Turismo 6 License Tests ---

The dreaded License Tests- at least in the minds of those who loathe License Tests. I guess since GT5 seemed too loose, the importance of License Tests returned. The formula is different here in GT6. Rather than take License Tests as you please, you have to unlock these tests to be able to advance further into the game and access more features. You have to unlock license tests by going through the various official races. You must acquire enough Stars and clear certain races or championships to be able to qualify for gaining a License.

Each License consists of five tests. You need to clear each test with Bronze or higher to receive your license. Try to go for all-Gold if you can. If you Gold each of the license tests in a set, you will earn a bonus car.

If you have PlayStation Network friends, their trails can be animated so you can compare your best time to your friends' best times. This will help you to see what lines they took and how fast they took on the course. They may also annoy you, because what person wants to feel like they are slower than his/her PSN friends?

GT6 License Tests: The Series.

This section will be edited once blog posts on each set of license tests will be added. Here is the series as slated:

Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - National B
Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - National A
Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - International B
• Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - International A (YOU ARE HERE)
Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - Super

Each of the above links will be edited as posts for each one is complete.

--- Gran Turismo 6 Licenses: International A ---

Gran Turismo 6 International A License Tests
^ Rain or shine, a Gran Turismo racer is ready for any challenge thrown his/her way. The tests will be tougher, so you'd better be ready if you want to avoid being just another back marker.

Hope you're ready for this one. Even faster cars and even tougher challenges await you. You are not going to be a Gran Turismo champion if you don't learn these skills now. Make the most of your time in these License Tests to enhance your skills that extra bit.

IA-1: Cone Slalom 2.

Car: 2002 Honda NSX Type R
Course: Special Stage Route X
Start: Standing Start

This is the same slalom course from the International B license. Only this time, you are in a much more powerful car. Try to keep this NSX under control as you weave through this slalom course. Remember that the NSX is a mid-engine car with rear-wheel drive. Because of this, you need to have much better car control than what you had with the Volkswagen Scirocco from the previous Cone Slalom. This test is about car control with an agile and powerful sports car.

• GOLD: 17.800
• SILVER: 18.500
• BRONZE: 23.000

IA-2: Turning While Braking.

Car: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7)
Course: Ascari Full Track
Start: Rolling Start at 85 mph

Try out the latest Corvette on the formidable Ascari Full Track. You will be using the back stretch of Ascari Full Track. What awaits you here is a brief kink followed by a sharp right, a tricky chicane, and a banked left-hand corner leading to the Finish area. Be very careful in the chicane as there is not much separation between driving a perfect line and not hitting a cone. Drive carefully and precisely if you want to score a decent time in this one. Thankfully, the Corvette can handle it. Can you?

• GOLD: 22.800
• SILVER: 23.500
• BRONZE: 27.000

IA-3: Dealing with Extreme Inclines.

Car: 2008 Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG
Course: Matterhorn Dristelen
Start: Rolling Start at 99 mph

Each of the Matterhorn courses feature some brutal elevation changes. The undulating roads will push an ill-prepared car (or an ill-talented driver) to insanity. The roads are also rather narrow. In other words, these Matterhorn courses can be thought of like a Swedish version of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, only each course being MUCH shorter in length for each course. Learn to properly take on courses with vast differences in elevation changes by taking on this License Test. You have yourself a luxury sports car to take around some tricky roads. The sharp left and the sections after are tough. You need to brake hard into the somewhat blind left-hand corner, then use your judgment to go uphill and try to power out of the section without hitting the outside wall or knocking out a cone either going uphill or upon exit. This test is more tricky than difficult.

• GOLD: 22.000
• SILVER: 22.800
• BRONZE: 25.500

IA-4: Driving in the Wet 1.

Car: 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Course: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Start: Rolling Start at 81 mph

Racing a course under wet conditions means you must contend with poor visibility from the rain as well as a lack of traction. This is one of two tests that tests your ability to navigate a course under wet conditions. For this one, you will be racing the middle section of Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps under wet conditions. This section includes the section from heading into the second hairpin to the finish line of the similar test at Spa-Francorchamps with the Civic Type-R. On your side is that you have a four-wheel drive car that makes great power and is quite fast. It won't be easy trying to clear this course with this car, though. Make the most of this car's capabilities while also properly navigating this course in the wet. Remember to try to find the best line around the course and drive this course as differently as you would if it were dry. Also remember that you don't have lots of traction to work with in keeping the car stable or properly driving the section. Be extremely careful here. If you have to, drive defensively rather than try to hot dog this section. When you're ready to take on the course more aggressively, employ different driving strategies to post a better lap time. It also helps to drive from any view besides the Interior view to see the road better.

• GOLD: 38.500
• SILVER: 40.000
• BRONZE: 44.000

IA-5: Driving in the Wet 2.

Car: 2009 Ferrari 458 Italia
Course: Suzuka Circuit
Start: Rolling Start at 78 mph

You will be asked to clear the Esses of the eastern portion of Suzuka Circuit in the wet. You must do so racing a Ferrari 458 Italia. Unlike the previous test, you don't have the luxury of 4WD traction to help you complete this course. You are in a fast, mid-engined, rear-wheel drive exotic car trying to clear this test. You can afford to be more aggressive since you have such a car to work with. However, the risk-reward is much greater if you manage to properly race this car without fail. Take some of the same precautionary measures from the other wet driving test if you need to.

• GOLD: 29.500
• SILVER: 32.000
• BRONZE: 36.000

You are now ready for the International A races! Only one license remains- the Super License!

Only one more set of license tests await- the Super License! Be sure to check out my Super License post when it is uploaded. Thank you for reading!

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