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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - Super

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Five one-lap time trials are all that remains in Gran Turismo 6's 25 License Tests. The Super License is yours if you clear all five tests. As one would imagine, you aren't going to be handed a Super License. You can't buy a license. You have to EARN them, and you certainly need to earn your license in this one. How will you take on the five Super License tests? Gold is something I can't help you get. That's up to you. The finale of this series of posts regarding License Tests is coming up here on "John's Race Space!"

--- Gran Turismo 6 License Tests ---

The dreaded License Tests- at least in the minds of those who loathe License Tests. I guess since GT5 seemed too loose, the importance of License Tests returned. The formula is different here in GT6. Rather than take License Tests as you please, you have to unlock these tests to be able to advance further into the game and access more features. You have to unlock license tests by going through the various official races. You must acquire enough Stars and clear certain races or championships to be able to qualify for gaining a License.

Each License consists of five tests. You need to clear each test with Bronze or higher to receive your license. Try to go for all-Gold if you can. If you Gold each of the license tests in a set, you will earn a bonus car.

If you have PlayStation Network friends, their trails can be animated so you can compare your best time to your friends' best times. This will help you to see what lines they took and how fast they took on the course. They may also annoy you, because what person wants to feel like they are slower than his/her PSN friends?

GT6 License Tests: The Series.

This section will be edited once blog posts on each set of license tests will be added. Here is the series as slated:

Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - National B
Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - National A
Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - International B
Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - International A
• Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - Super (YOU ARE HERE)

Each of the above links will be edited as posts for each one is complete.

--- Gran Turismo 6 Licenses: Super ---

Gran Turismo 6 Super License Tests
^ Everything you learned from previous tests all culminate into five one-lap time trials. Clear all five, and you'll have your Super License.

All five of the tests here are one-lap time trials. You need to utilize all of your racing skill to properly navigate each race track. All five tests take place under Standing Start conditions, so as important as properly navigating each course is, getting a good launch off the Start/Finish line is equally important. Make the most of each test to post the best times for each.

S-1: 1-Lap Time Trial - Apricot Hill Raceway.

Car: 2012 Toyota 86 GT
Course: Apricot Hill Raceway
Start: Standing Start

Your mount in this test is the Toyota 86 GT. This car is a joint effort of Toyota and Subaru. It is a boxer-powered sports car with serious inspiration from the classic Toyota AE86. This modern hachi-roku is yours to take around Apricot Hill Raceway- a very technical, rather short Grand Prix-type racing course. Do your best to weave your way around the lefts and rights of Apricot Hill Raceway. How you handle the first half of the course can make a big difference in how your final lap times end up. Be careful also at the sharp corner at the backstretch and the super-slow chicane.

• GOLD: 1:48.000
• SILVER: 1:50.000
• BRONZE: 1:55.000

S-2: 1-Lap Time Trial - Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow.

Car: 2011 Alfa Romeo T23 Stradale
Course: Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow
Start: Standing Start

Its simplicity will make you think this is going to be an easy drive around Willow Springs' "Big Willow" layout. Take it TOO lightly, however, and reality will bite you like a snake. So in other words... get serious about this one. This course has too many sections that are too easy to overshoot or misjudge. Fall into these traps, and you're going to fail again and again here. This test also takes place under dark conditions. Don't let Willow Springs' simplicity make you think you can waltz your way cleanly around this course. There are too many pitfalls which will lull you into a sense that you can complete this course much easier than what this course really says to you. Do not relax your guard at all for this test.

• GOLD: 1:27.800
• SILVER: 1:29.500
• BRONZE: 1:33.000

S-3: 1-Lap Time Trial - Silverstone The Stowe Circuit.

Car: 2012 KTM X-BOW R
Course: Silverstone The Stowe Circuit
Start: Standing Start

The Stowe Circuit of Silverstone will be your testing ground for this License Test. Your car is the 2012 KTM X-BOW R. This car is like a two-seat go-kart the way it gets up to speed and handles like a dream. The course is mostly flat all the way around. Use your judgment to find each apex and adjust your speed accordingly for each corner. Don't push this car too far to where you start understeering in the corners or induce a spin. Victory will be yours if you manage to handle both the car and the track properly.

• GOLD: 57.300
• SILVER: 58.500
• BRONZE: 1:04.000

S-4: 1-Lap Time Trial - Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit.

Car: 2011 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
Course: Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit
Start: Standing Start

While Brands Hatch is rather short, there are plenty of corners and sections that will throw you for a loop. There are so many bits to Brands Hatch that can make you a little bit crazy trying to race the course. You'll be racing the certifiably insane Lamborghini Aventador for this License Test. Despite its incredible performance, it will be tough trying to properly wrestle this Italian supercar around a track like the Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit. Having raced the Aventador in a few IA-level races in my personal GT6 experience, it can be difficult to properly make good use of its capabilities in a race. Remember that since this is a powerful mid-engine car with four-wheel drive, you will not have such an easy time driving this car properly on such a short track. Once you find the right balance of performance and handling to take on this course properly, you will start to deliver a good enough lap time that will give you passing credit. Be sure to nail the first corner, the hairpin, and all of the Grand Prix portion of Brands Hatch to stand a chance.

• GOLD: 1:34.500
• SILVER: 1:36.000
• BRONZE: 1:39.000

S-5: 1-Lap Time Trial - Ascari Full Track.

Car: 2009 Bugatti Veyron 16.4
Course: Ascari Full Track
Start: Standing Start

This one is going to drive you mad. While I do respect the Bugatti Veyron, this French supercar is perhaps the most overrated supercar today. You are asked in this challenge to race this insanely fast and powerful supercar around the entire Ascari circuit in Spain. Piloting this car is not fun at all. It has serious understeer and sometimes can't brake hard enough to save its life. Here's the best way I'll put it- racing the Bugatti Veyron is like trying to drive a drag racing car with the brakes of a train. Considering this heavy car has 4WD, one would probably think it's inexcusable for a car of this level of performance to perform so poorly on a challenging race track. The best advice I'd recommend is to change your controller settings- namely the controller steering sensitivity. The game even recommends you turn on TCS for this test. Once you get the hang of its performance capabilities, try racing the course more aggressively to try to improve your lap times. Whatever the case, you're going to be here for a while, especially if going for Gold. Enjoy the ride until you finally get it right.

• GOLD: 2:14.000
• SILVER: 2:16.000
• BRONZE: 2:20.000

You now have all of the licenses if you are able to clear all of the Super License tests. Congratulations on a job well done!

Thank all of you for reading my posts regarding the License Tests of Gran Turismo 6. All I want to do is offer something to racing game fans. I do so with love and passion. I am not posting this for myself- I do this all for you. PLEASE- if you enjoy my online work, Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if you enjoy my work. Don't just come and go- let me know you care. Let me know that my work actually means something. So please Subscribe and Follow if you haven't done so already. Thank you for reading!

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