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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - National A

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The next set of Gran Turismo 6 license tests involves the National A license. Here, you will be given five tests to enhance your skills and prepare you for the next set of races. Faster cars and tougher challenges await you. So use this opportunity to enhance your skills a bit further in preparation for the upcoming challenges. Getting Gold is your job. All I'm here to do is bring light to each of the different license tests. Get ready for your look at GT6's License Tests on the National A level. This is "John's Race Space"... welcome to another post of mine!

--- Gran Turismo 6 License Tests ---

The dreaded License Tests- at least in the minds of those who loathe License Tests. I guess since GT5 seemed too loose, the importance of License Tests returned. The formula is different here in GT6. Rather than take License Tests as you please, you have to unlock these tests to be able to advance further into the game and access more features. You have to unlock license tests by going through the various official races. You must acquire enough Stars and clear certain races or championships to be able to qualify for gaining a License.

Each License consists of five tests. You need to clear each test with Bronze or higher to receive your license. Try to go for all-Gold if you can. If you Gold each of the license tests in a set, you will earn a bonus car.

If you have PlayStation Network friends, their trails can be animated so you can compare your best time to your friends' best times. This will help you to see what lines they took and how fast they took on the course. They may also annoy you, because what person wants to feel like they are slower than his/her PSN friends?

GT6 License Tests: The Series.

This section will be edited once blog posts on each set of license tests will be added. Here is the series as slated:

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• Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - National A (YOU ARE HERE)
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Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - Super

Each of the above links will be edited as posts for each one is complete.

--- Gran Turismo 6 Licenses: National A ---

Gran Turismo 6 National A License Tests
^ More advanced techniques, such as racing at night, are featured among the National B license tests.

Try your hand at these more challenging tests with faster cars and tougher challenges.

A-1: Full Braking Into a Corner.

Car: 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302
Course: Apricot Hill Raceway
Start: Rolling Start at 92 mph

Take this Mustang through a hard-braking zone around Apricot Hill Raceway. Hard braking into a corner will allow you to properly set yourself up for the next section ahead. You will need to slow the car down considerably to take on a very sharp corner, then be able to power out of that corner to complete the course. Try to do just that as you go down the backstretch and into the viciously sharp hairpin towards the end. Getting up to speed is simple- slowing down your Mustang to take on the next section is another entirely different matter.

• GOLD: 17.800
• SILVER: 19.000
• BRONZE: 22.000

A-2: Approaching a Semi-Blind Corner.

Car: 2011 Lotus Elise
Course: Brands Hatch Indy
Start: Rolling Start at 72 mph

If a corner is blind, you are unable to track the actual apex of the corner. You basically have to guess where the very inside of the corner is as you head into that corner. That is what you need to do here. The first corner of Brands Hatch trips me up almost all the time. Thankfully, this test happens as you clear the first corner. All you have to do is handle the first hairpin of this course. You'll need to brake quite hard and hug the inside as you progress through the corner. A strong exit out of this section will give you ample speed to cross the Finish section with a great time.

• GOLD: 14.500
• SILVER: 15.200
• BRONZE: 18.000

A-3: Consecutive Corners 1.

Car: 2008 Honda CIVIC TYPE-R
Course: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Start: Rolling Start at 91 mph

The legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is your track for this License Test. You will be taking on a portion of the middle section of Spa-Francorchamps. This test begins on the corner after the second hairpin. Watch out for the cones as you go through the corner. Don't swing the Civic Type R too far outside or dig too deep to where you hit a cone. Of course... if you hit a cone, your run will be foul and disqualified. Car control is important here.

• GOLD: 17.000
• SILVER: 17.800
• BRONZE: 21.000

A-4: Combined Corners 1.

Car: 2012 Subaru BRZ S
Course: Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
Start: Rolling Start at 82 mph

A Subaru BRZ S awaits you, and so does the second hairpin section of Twin Ring Motegi's road course. Because Twin Ring Motegi's road course configurations are mostly flat, you will not have the luxury of elevation to give you a speed boost or give you any clues on where to brake. You do need to brake pretty hard in the first part of the corner while going full speed upon exit.

• GOLD: 16.800
• SILVER: 17.500
• BRONZE: 21.000

A-5: Driving the Track at Night.

Car: Mazda Roadster Touring Car
Course: Apricot Hill Raceway
Start: Rolling Start at 76 mph

If you think racing a track at night is no big thing, think again! Racing at night yields a great challenge- namely the darkness. It is critical to learn how to race a track shrouded in darkness. Especially for endurance races, you will have to learn to take on courses that go into darkness. One of the biggest challenges of night racing is to try to find the apexes of corners when it is too dark to see where you are going. Not all tracks have sufficient lighting to help you see around corners. On the other hand, you are thankful to be on a permanent racing course with a good deal of lighting. This is the first License Test featuring a race car. Since it is a racing car, its performance is far greater than a road-going car. Try to properly make the most of this car's performance while trying to properly navigate this road course at night. You will be racing the first section of Apricot Hill from the Start/Finish line to near the first Intermediate. That means you will be taking on the twisty and undulating portions of Apricot Hill with ample darkness around the area. The most lighting you will see is on the Start/Finish straight. After that, there is minimal to moderate lighting in each of the corners. If you need to, switch to the Roof view to get a better angle of the track.

• GOLD: 31.000
• SILVER: 32.000
• BRONZE: 35.000

Once you get your National A license, push your skills to the limit and try to unlock the International B license. You can now access some more features in GT6 now that you have your National A license.

There are more posts forthcoming regarding the license tests of Gran Turismo 6. Up next is the International licenses, especially the International B license tests. Stay with "John's Race Space" for more! Thank you for reading!

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