Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - National B

You are a GT6 Novice looking to go further. How do you do so? Get your National B license! The first five of of 25 license tests will test many basic abilities needed to become a star driver. Your journey on the license front begins with your National B license. I can't help you get Gold- that's YOUR job. All I can do is introduce you to the individual tests. The National B license tests are coming up! Welcome to "John's Race Space!"

--- Gran Turismo 6 License Tests ---

The dreaded License Tests- at least in the minds of those who loathe License Tests. I guess since GT5 seemed too loose, the importance of License Tests returned. The formula is different here in GT6. Rather than take License Tests as you please, you have to unlock these tests to be able to advance further into the game and access more features. You have to unlock license tests by going through the various official races. You must acquire enough Stars and clear certain races or championships to be able to qualify for gaining a License.

Each License consists of five tests. You need to clear each test with Bronze or higher to receive your license. Try to go for all-Gold if you can. If you Gold each of the license tests in a set, you will earn a bonus car.

If you have PlayStation Network friends, their trails can be animated so you can compare your best time to your friends' best times. This will help you to see what lines they took and how fast they took on the course. They may also annoy you, because what person wants to feel like they are slower than his/her PSN friends?

GT6 License Tests: The Series.

This section will be edited once all blog posts on each License Test set are all completed. Here is the series as slated:

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Each of the above links will be edited as posts for each one is complete.

--- Gran Turismo 6 Licenses: National B ---

Gran Turismo 6 National B License Tests
^ Learn the basics of car control with the National B license tests. Skills learned here will help you in future license tests.

The first of the licenses tests your basic ability to operate a car under performance driving conditions. The cars are none too powerful, and the tests themselves are none too challenging. It shouldn't be difficult to get even one Gold for any license test.

B-1: Full Acceleration and Braking.

Car: 2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 T Sport
Course: Special Stage Route X
Start: Standing Start

If you can't clear this simple test, you simply are not cut out for Gran Turismo racing. Take this low-powered car down a straight path, then brake hard into the Finish zone. Try to find the proper area in which to begin braking hard. The test is complete when the car comes to a complete stop in the Finish zone. Hit the walls hard or run into cones, your run will be foul, and you will be disqualified immediately.

• GOLD: 33.000
• SILVER: 34.000
• BRONZE: 35.000

B-2: Basic Cornering.

Car: 2010 Mazda DEMIO SPORT
Course: Apricot Hill
Start: Standing Start

This next test practices your ability to maneuver a car properly around a set of corners. You will be doing so around the sweeping left-hand corner leading to the backstretch of Apricot Hill Raceway. Try to keep a consistent speed throughout and attack the very inside of the corner without going out of bounds. You should also try not to use too much steering input to where your speed suffers. Find the perfect balance, and you'll land a solid time.

• GOLD: 20.500
• SILVER: 21.000
• BRONZE: 23.000

B-3: High-Speed Cornering.

Car: 2008 Renault Megane R.S.
Course: Silverstone National Circuit
Start: Rolling Start at 65 mph

You will be asked to clear Copse- the high-speed first corner on around the famed Silverstone Circuit. The corner comes suddenly, and trying to get as much speed as possible to clear it will be a challenge. This test is more of a reflex test, if anything. Adjust your speed and find the proper racing line. Your mount is the 2008 Renault Megane R.S. Clear this corner as efficiently as you can. By the way, this is the first rolling start License Test. So don't worry about trying to launch off the line properly to shave off seconds.

• GOLD: 15.800
• SILVER: 16.800
• BRONZE: 20.000

B-4: Taking on an S-Bend or Esses.

Car: 2013 Ford Focus ST
Course: Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
Start: Rolling Start at 65 mph

Taking on esses will push your abilities of keeping a car on the road while also properly navigating such corners. You will need to demonstrate your ability to take on esses by clearing two corners of the Twin Ring Motegi road course. After going through the tunnel, you will be faced with a sharp left and a somewhat sharp right. Twin Ring Motegi's road course has very little elevation change, so building up speed with help from elevation won't do you much justice here. Find the best possible line to go into the Finish gate with a great time.

• GOLD: 15.800
• SILVER: 16.500
• BRONZE: 19.000

B-5: Negotiating an Inner City Track.

Car: 2010 Peugeot RCZ
Course: London
Start: Rolling Start at 63 mph

A course run on city streets or public country roads offers a greater challenge than proper race tracks. Most temporary street courses feature concrete barriers on either side of the road, making it difficult for you to see around the bend or to throw off your perception of the road. You will be driving on the streets of London in your handsome Peugeot. Try to find the best line around this course while not being intimidated by the walls. You will begin after the super-sharp first corner of the London street course and will be racing mostly the first half of London.

• GOLD: 20.500
• SILVER: 21.500
• BRONZE: 25.000

That will do it. Enjoy your B-License if you are able to successfully clear each challenge!

This post is just one in a series of posts lined up regarding the License Tests of GT6. Stay tuned to JRS for more in the series! Thank you for reading!

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