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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - International B

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Your talent says contender. Your license says pretender. Here's a novel idea- get a better license! International license holders in Gran Turismo shown that they have arrived on the scene and are not to be messed with. Do you want to carry that swagger, or are you okay being just another wasted opportunity? Let's get that International B license!

--- Gran Turismo 6 License Tests ---

The dreaded License Tests- at least in the minds of those who loathe License Tests. I guess since GT5 seemed too loose, the importance of License Tests returned. The formula is different here in GT6. Rather than take License Tests as you please, you have to unlock these tests to be able to advance further into the game and access more features. You have to unlock license tests by going through the various official races. You must acquire enough Stars and clear certain races or championships to be able to qualify for gaining a License.

Each License consists of five tests. You need to clear each test with Bronze or higher to receive your license. Try to go for all-Gold if you can. If you Gold each of the license tests in a set, you will earn a bonus car.

If you have PlayStation Network friends, their trails can be animated so you can compare your best time to your friends' best times. This will help you to see what lines they took and how fast they took on the course. They may also annoy you, because what person wants to feel like they are slower than his/her PSN friends?

GT6 License Tests: The Series.

This section will be edited once blog posts on each set of license tests will be added. Here is the series as slated:

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• Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - International B (YOU ARE HERE)
Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - International A
Gran Turismo 6 License Tests - Super

Each of the above links will be edited as posts for each one is complete.

--- Gran Turismo 6 Licenses: International B ---

Gran Turismo 6 International B License Tests
^ Push your skills even further as you prepare to take on the International B races. One of those International B-license skills is to learn off-road driving.

If you want to show you've arrived in the world of Gran Turismo, get into the International license swing. These five challenges await you if you want to earn your International B license:

IB-1: Cone Slalom.

Car: 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R
Course: Special Stage Route X
Start: Standing Start

You will return to Special Stage Route X for this License Test. This time, you will be asked to clear a slalom course. A line of cones and barriers are placed on either side of the road. There are ten of these lines in total. Your job is to weave through the line of cones and barriers without hitting any of them. You must also try to go around each section of cones while keeping up a consistent speed. The moment you hit a single cone or any barrier, your run will be foul. Try to clear the course in the quickest time possible for the best results.

• GOLD: 19.000
• SILVER: 20.500
• BRONZE: 24.000

IB-2: Taking on Chicanes at High Speed.

Car: 2012 Fisker Karma Ecosport
Course: Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
Start: Rolling Start at 116 mph

You will be racing Australia's Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit- better known as Bathurst. Halfway down Conrod Straight, you must negotiate a fast-approaching kink leading into a slow chicane. Your car is the distinctive 2012 Fisker Karma Ecosport. You don't really need to brake heading into the kink, but you certainly need to brake hard when taking on the chicane. Sufficient braking into the section followed by carrying good speed exiting the chicane will lead to solid times.

[FUN FACT] Did you know that this chicane section didn't exist long ago? Conrod Straight used to be just one really long straight much like how Le Mans used to have one really long straight until that straight was broken up by chicanes.

• GOLD: 17.800
• SILVER: 18.500
• BRONZE: 22.000

IB-3: Consecutive Corners 2.

Car: 2013 Ford Shelby GT500
Course: Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow
Start: Rolling Start at 88 mph

It can be too easy to overshoot the corners at any Willow Springs track, let alone this one on Big Willow. If you don't want to keep re-doing this test, try to keep your Mustang on the road as much as possible while finding a great line through the corners. The corners for you to negotiate make up about the middle portion of Willow Springs' "Big Willow" circuit. There are about three corners that make up this test, and various elevation changes will throw your car off-balance. The first corner is a double-apex corner in which you will need to adjust your speed accordingly to avoid going off-course. The second and third corners have to be taken carefully without digging too deep into either one- because cones are there to remind you just how deep you can REALLY go into those corners. Get it together, and you'll post a decent time for the section.

• GOLD: 18.000
• SILVER: 19.000
• BRONZE: 22.000

IB-4: Combined Corners 2.

Car: 2010 Aston Martin V12 Vantage
Course: Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit
Start: Rolling Start at 102 mph

Get ready to wrestle with a powerful British supercar on a challenging British race track. The Aston Martin V12 Vantage is yours to take around Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit in this License Test. You will be asked to clear a set of corners after going around the Indy part of the Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit. The corners will come fast, so you will need to adjust accordingly to avoid throwing your Aston Martin off the road. Find a solid line and be careful not to overshoot any corner here. As usual, watch out for the cones!

• GOLD: 28.500
• SILVER: 29.500
• BRONZE: 34.000

IB-5: Driving in the Dirt.

Car: 2005 Subaru IMPREZA Sedan WRX STi spec C Type RA
Course: Toscana
Start: Rolling Start at 61 mph

This is the only License Test in GT6 which has you racing off-road. Dealing with off-road conditions means you will not have as much traction as you would on a tarmac course. The loose off-road conditions means you will be able to push your car much harder than you probably would on a regular tarmac course. So you will be sliding hard into the corners. What you need to do is take advantage of the slippery off-road conditions to post a great lap time. No better car to do so with than a Subaru. The name of this Subaru is long, but its performance is what matters. You will be going down the high-speed backstretch of Toscana leading into two jumps and a few high-speed corners. Try to regain control of your Subaru after clearing the second jump. Afterwards, try to drift the car into the corners cleanly to post a solid time. There is no out of bounds here since this is an off-road course, but you do need to avoid hitting the barriers on either side of the course. Now go make it happen.

• GOLD: 31.000
• SILVER: 32.500
• BRONZE: 36.000

Getting the IB-License shows that you've arrived. Now work your way up to unlock the International A license tests.

You have your International B license! Now go for your International A license. Keep racin' hard and thank you for reading!

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